Hoop Fatale Hooping is one of my favorite things and therefore ive changed what this blog is for :) If you want to follow my other blog which is about my weightloss and fitness stuff go to the link for my progress blog :)
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Someone tell me where this is?!? I wanna go here it looks awesome!!! #whereisthis #cooltrees

Fresh from the garden;-) (at www.wrapgirlfreedom.com)

Mommy and I are being healthy people!! #noexcusessummer #healthy #salad (at www.wrapgirlfreedom.com)

Being #healthy #noexcusessummer (at www.wrapgirlfreedom.com)

Yum!! #chiaseeds #hempseeds #walnuts #blueberry

#dreamboard can I live here please??? I want to live somewhere that’s like a vacation everyday!! (at www.wrapyourselfdebtfree.com)

Is there an iPhone 5S I should know about? Bc this case sure says there is!!! #iphone5 #iphone5S? (at Rue 21)

Lime green sunglasses aren’t really my thing… But I tried! (at Fossil Outlet)

I want to buy these and then take over the world! But I couldn’t walk in them without dying!! Haha #heels #studs #shoes #moneyburningaholeinmypocket (at Last Call by Neiman Marcus)

Treated myself today with my money from #itworks!! Got my self a #coach case for my #iphone5! #boom (at Philadelphia Premium Outlets)

Don’t cheat just because its the weekend!!! (at www.wrapyourselfdebtfree.com)

Got in some relaxing time at the pool and made a new friend! Time for a shower and then team time to get some work in! (at www.wrapyourselfdebtfree.com)

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